Who Am I

My full name is Stevan Anthony Fisher and I was born in Quantico Naval Hospital, Virginia in 1949.  Several years later in 1972 I was staff at that same hospital. I was a Navy Corpsman assigned to a Marine Corps unit on the base that hosted the Naval Hospital Quantico. I retired from the U.S. Navy in 1992 and currently live in Southern California with my wife, Pat, who also serves in the capacity of my editor.

Over the past decades, I have attended the University of California at Riverside, George Washington University School of Medicine in  Washington, DC and several lesser edifices of higher education with mixed results.

The result of this varied education is that I have spent time in Navy medicine and medical laboratories, have been a freelance photographer, a web designer and have dabbled in programming.  I am currently employed for a software company that provides software for the recycling industry. My work there primarily is that of a trainer and software troubleshooter.  This provides me with numerous travel opportunities and a constant exposure to new places and people.  What more could a story teller ask for.


Finally, after repeated suggestions from my wife and soul mate I was convinced to put the stories and the characters in my head down on paper.


I encourage you to become a proud owner of one, maybe more of those stories.


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