Book 2 in the Watcher Journals

They say returning home is not easy, whoever ‘they’ are.  Andrew, a Watcher, had returned to Earth intending to help humans understand they were not alone in the Universe. As plans go, Plan A tanked.  No problem, there is still Plan B, and twenty-four more options.  At least Earth won the first two space battles, but the humans don’t know that yet.


Andrew has resources to call on, even if at times they are questionable.  His Armageddon class warship is mostly controlled by an AI that is, well, on her own journey of discovery.  He now has the support of a species once considered to be aggressive and warlike.  Actually they still hold that distinction, but their home worlds have assigned warships to his beck and call.  The Watcher council has assigned him four personal guardians, one of which is his strikingly attractive fiancée, but four might not have been enough. There are huge bear-like Ursans, a feline and definitely female, fighter pilot and random assassins.  Now, he also has human support from the varied clandestine groups that each major country had tasked to hide the aliens from the rest of the population.


On and off Earth he finds he is fighting two (because one would have been too simple) alien species intent on conquering Earth. They seemed to have a passion for early morning attacks.  Then there are other random mysteries to deal with such as of the missing Muon species and Cloe’s fixation with roses. ‘I’ve got this,’ Andrew thought as he planned his speech, “People of Earth, I come in Peace … Ignore the Gunslingers with me.”



Watcher Journals © 2014 by Stevan Fisher